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Otoshimono, lost property, Ghost Train




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  • 12306遗失物品查找
  • 论述遗失物所有权的归属
  • 民法总则 遗失物 漂流
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  • 遗失物 盗赃物善意取得
  • 拾得遗失物诉讼时效


  • 1: 遗失物管理员(l):好的。

    Lost Property clerk (L): Yes.

  • 2: 您是何时何地最后见到遗失物的?

    When and where did you last see it?

  • 3: 遗失物管理员(L):有什么问题吗?

    Lost Property clerk (L): What seems to be the problem?

  • 4: 您是何时何地发现了遗失物的?

    When and where did you notice you lost it?

  • 5: 第一百零九条拾得遗失物,应当返还权利人。

    Article 109 A person who finds a lost thing shall return it to the obligee.

  • 6: 第二部分为当今主要国家地区拾得遗失物制度的立法介绍。

    Besides that , the author also introduce this system in the history of our country.

  • 7: 无论法律条文本身还是实践操作,我国现行遗失物拾得制度仍然存在许多不足,亟待进一步改善。

    Our current lost property picked up system has many deficiencies in provision and enforcement of law, so it calls for further improvement.

  • 8: 但对于盗赃物、遗失物能否适用善意取得,各国立法不同。

    But the thief booty and lost property can be obtained suitably with Bona Fide or not, different countries have different legislations on it.

  • 9: 然后,文章从道德、权利义务对等、经济学等角度加以分析,阐述了我国确立拾得遗失物报酬请求权的可行性和必要性。

    Then , this paper analyze on the aspects of morals , rights, economics and so on , expounds the feasibility and necessity of establishing reward request right of picking up the lost article.

  • 10: 专家同时提醒人们,除了丢失现金和有纪念意义的珍贵物品,以及花时间替换遗失物件之外,人们还面临着身份欺诈的危险。

    They also warned that beyond losing cash, precious personal mementos and the time taken in replacing lost items, people were also exposing themselves to identity fraud.

  • 11: 采用折中性规定的遗失物适用善意取得制度更能平衡当事人利益,适应社会发展的需求。

    Adopting compromise provisions with acquisition in good faith can balance the interests of the parties and meet the needs of social development.

  • 12: 你应该去遗失物招领处,通常紧邻行李提领区,或者找你搭乘的航空公司遗失物招领人员。

    You should go to the Lost and Found office, usually located just adjacent to the baggage claim area, or see the Lost and Found agent for your airline.

  • 13: 然而,我国的遗失物制度已不能有效地解决现存的社会问题。

    However, the regulation of our country has already been unable to effectively solve present social problems.

  • 14: 盗赃、遗失物等占有脱离物,只有当善意受让人是由拍卖场所、公开市场或贩卖同种之物的商人处取得时,才适用有偿回复。

    Only when the bona fide assignee acquire the chose from auction place public market or themarehant who peddle the some kind of the chose, close it apply the provisions of restituting compensated.

  • 15: 在传统民法中,拾得遗失物和发现埋藏物是与先占作用相似的两种制度。

    Finding lost property and finding treasure trove are two systems as same as acquiring possession on the traditional civil law.

  • 16: 文章第三部分先从历史法学与功能价值法学的角度论证了我国遗失物拾得制度的不足,接着笔者提出了完善我国法律的立法建议。

    The third part of this article has discussed the weakness of the rule of lost property from a historical and value view, then put out the suggestion of the writer.

  • 17: 因故意或者重大过失致使遗失物毁损、灭失的,应当承担民事责任。

    If, the thing in his or its safekeeping is damaged, destroyed or lost intentionally or through gross negligence, he or it shall bear civil liability therefor.

  • 18: 文章结合我国具体国情,提高对重构制度必要性的认识,并提出完善遗失物拾得制度的建议。

    Based on China"s specific condition, this article analyzes the necessity of rebuilt of the system and gives some advices.

  • 19: 第一百零七条所有权人或者其他权利人有权追回遗失物

    Article 107 The owner or any other holder has the right to recover a lost property.

  • 20: 由于我国民法中有关遗失物的规定过于简略,已不能满足社会发展的需要。

    Because the regulations on the pick-up of the lost property in the civil law are too simple, it can"t meet the needs of the development of our society.

  • 21: 权利人悬赏寻找遗失物的,领取遗失物时应当按照承诺履行义务。

    Where a right holder promises to offering a reward for finding the object, he shall, when claiming the object, perform the obligation of granting the reward.

  • 22: 第一百一十三条遗失物自发布招领公告之日起六个月内无人认领的,归国家所有。

    When the claiming announcement o is published, it shall be owned by the state.

  • 23: 幸运的是,这些健忘旅客的多数遗失物都能物归原主——甚至包括像吉奥亚的首饰一类的价值昂贵而又非同寻常的失物。

    Fortunately for the forgetful, many belongings — including very valuable and unusual ones such as Gioia"s jewelry — are returned.

  • 24: 《物权法》第107条规定了遗失物的善意取得制度,但理论上未形成统一观点。

    The article 107 of Property Law of PRC is the regulation about bona fide acquisition on lost objects.

  • 25: 这种规定阻碍了拾得人报告、返还遗失物的积极性,是近年来我国遗失物返还率越来越低的主要原因。

    This rule obstacles person"s positive to report and return the lost article. That is the main reason for more and more lower returning rate In our country.

  • 26: 我国关于拾得遗失物制度的立法简单而笼统,《物权法》对于该制度有所完善但仍存在一些问题,立法上的问题带来实践上的纠纷,也就更加迫切要求我们对现状进行改善。

    In our country , the lost-property return system was simple , the new property law perfect it , but there are still some problems , so it is urgency to us to make it better .

  • 27: 第一百一十二条权利人领取遗失物时,应当向拾得人或者有关部门支付保管遗失物等支出的必要费用。

    Article 112 When an obligee goes to take back the thing he lost, he shall pay to the finder or the relevant department the necessary expenses entailed by safekeeping, etc.

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