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Audit Commission, Auditing Administration, National Auditing Administration, National Audit Office




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  • 1: 国家审计署的结果也永远不曾公开过。

    The result of a National Audit Office investigation was never made public.

  • 2: 那时还有来自国家审计署的人也在成立审计事务所。

    And at the time there was also the rival body from the National Audit Office.

  • 3: 我来回答您的第二个问题,您提到审计署对中央电视台审计的问题,根据2009年年初审计署的年度审计工作计划,我们没有安排对中央电视台的审计。

    Let me answer your second question. You mentioned the auditing of the CCTV just now.

  • 4: 只有SEO网站审计署将开始发现的具体表现的原因。

    Only an SEO Site Audit will begin to uncover the reasons for specific performance.

  • 5: 结合天津市审计署宿舍楼地基加固的工程实例,较详细地介绍了水泥土深层搅拌桩的设计计算及施工技术。

    Design and technology of cement soil mixing piles were introduced in detail, with a actual foundation reinforcement engineering of the audit office resident house in Tian Jin.

  • 6: 除了评估政策的执行情况,国家审计署还有可能对政策的制定提出建议。

    There is also a potential for state audit to comment on policy choices besides examining how policies are implemented.

  • 7: 国家审计署在2003年开展的一次调查总结说,大体上讲,PFI协议的确提升了资金的价值。

    A 2003 survey from the National Audit Office concluded that, broadly speaking, PFI contracts did offer good value for money.

  • 8: 它意味着行政权力-总统权力-和制衡机制,如立法委员会、最高审计署或自由的媒体,以及行政管理制度。

    It means executive authority – presidential powers – and checks and balance institutions, like legislative councils, supreme audit institutions or a free press, as well as administrative systems.

  • 9: 那个决定罔顾了国家审计署的警告,警告说兵员运载直升机的缺口超过了三分之一。

    That decision came despite a warning from the National Audit Office that there was more than a one-third shortfall in troop-carrying helicopters.

  • 10: 一九九九年六月,行政长官要求审计署署长就税务局局长亲自处理的税务个案进行特别调查。

    In June, the Chief Executive asked the Director of Audit to carry out a special investigation into some tax cases handled personally by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

  • 11: 随后的6月26号,郭美美丑闻正在进行的时间,国家审计署公布申报称,中国红十字会存在五个财务问题。

    Then on June 26, in the middle of the Guo Meimei scandal, the National Audit Office issued a report on the Red Cross that listed five financial problems it had uncovered.

  • 12: 国家审计署的数据显示,到2010年末,中国地方政府的负债已达10.7万亿。

    At the end of 2010, China"s local governments had 10.7 trillion yuan worth of debt, according to the National Audit Office.

  • 13: 1983年9月15日,国家审计署正式成立,标志着我国社会主义审计制度正式成立。

    As a result, on September 15~(th), 1983. the state auditing bureau was formerly founded which symbolized the establishment of socialist auditing system in our country.

  • 14: 财政部,国家,经贸委,国家,发展,计划,委员会,审计署,监察院,国务。

    Approved by the State Council and promulgated by the Ministry of Finance, the State Economy and Trade Commission, the State Development Planning Commission, the Audit.

  • 15: 国家审计署审计长李金华近日指出,过去几年间随着国家加大绩效审计力度,政府在有效利用资源和财政支出上取得了显著进展。

    Remarkable progress has been made in the efficient use of resources and in fiscal expenditure, by speeding up performance auditing over the past few years, China"s top auditor Li Jinhua has said.

  • 16: 审计署成员凯瑟琳·卡格维里尔评价"青年"定义修改提案说:"这完全是胡说。

    "That is utter nonsense," auditor Catherine Kagweria said of the proposed change.

  • 17: 2004年,根据英国审计署的报告,英军急需的武装直升机在数量上还存在着38%的缺口。

    In 2004 the National Audit Office reported that Britain"s forces suffered from a 38% gap in required battlefield helicopter lift.

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