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Dismantling, disassembly, iFixit, Disconnection




  • xbox360手柄拆解
  • iphone 拆解
  • iphone6 拆解
  • 小米充电宝拆解
  • iphone7 拆解
  • mac mini拆解
  • iphone x拆解
  • 笔记本硬盘拆解
  • 小米max拆解
  • 手机摄像头拆解
  • 红米note3拆解
  • airpods 拆解
  • 飞利浦电动牙刷拆解
  • 小米插线板拆解
  • 电推剪刀头拆解图
  • 三星无线充电器拆解
  • 电动车电机拆解
  • 电动车锂电池拆解
  • 三星显示器拆解
  • 荣威rx5拆解


  • 1: 为此我们拿了一对这样的产品来作一个简单的拆解

    To this end, we took a pair of such products to make a simple dismantling.

  • 2: 这里是美国唯一一个组装和拆解武器的兵工厂。

    The plant is the only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility in the US.

  • 3: 这个木质屋是在叙利亚拆解,然后运到纽约市,最后在这个博物馆重新建造起来的。

    The room was disassembled in Syria, shipped to New York, and rebuilt inside the museum.

  • 4: 他的工作就是拆解废旧汽车。

    His job is to scrap old cars.

  • 5: 国产手机免拆解锁,软件修复。

    Domestic handset from dissembling lock, Software repair.

  • 6: 换句话说,从商业逻辑上拆解了数据。

    In other words, it untangles data from business logic.

  • 7: 拆解过程中,他们对新硬件进行了若干有趣的观察。

    In the process, they made several interesting observations about the new hardware.

  • 8: 经济问题不能靠拆解社会得到解决。

    The economic question cannot be resolved by dismantling society.

  • 9: 够了头,让我们继续拆解

    Enough about heads, let"s continue disassembling.

  • 10: 拆解设备提供内部观摩,不应被视为反组装指引用。

    Teardowns provide a look inside a device and should not be used as disassembly instructions.

  • 11: 请勿拆解内部零件,以避免造成危害。

    Don"t Take apart by yourself to avoid any harm!

  • 12: 下面介绍我拆解时钟的步骤。

    Here are the steps I followed with my clock.

  • 13: 显然,我很善于拆解电脑,不那么善于修复。

    I am apparently fantastically good at breaking computers, and not so good at fixing them.

  • 14: 拆解一支表比组装一支要容易得多。

    It is much easier to take a watch apart than it is to assemble it .

  • 15: 但只有经过几年的官司后,拆解工作才可能被允许开始。绿营已经出现了分裂。

    It has only been allowed to begin work after years of legal disputes.

  • 16: 官方在这个区域还找到了另一枚炸弹并很快拆解了它。

    Official found another bomb in the area and disarmed it.

  • 17: FBI的汽车跟踪设备:拆解

    FBI Vehicle-Tracking Device: The Teardown

  • 18: 我以为我是个经济学家,但我的工作只是在拆解矩阵。

    I think i am an economist, but my work is decomposing matrices.

  • 19: 协助整合工程师进行变速箱的拆解分析;

    Support of Integration engineer for transmission benchmarking;

  • 20: 附近陆军基地的炸弹专家在数小时内成功拆解了这枚飞弹。

    The missile was dismantled within hours by bomb specialists at a nearby military base.

  • 21: 但是在这种文化环境下,一个导师要如何才能成功地「拆解」学生的自我?

    But how does a teacher succeed in "dismantling" their students" egos in this kind of cultural milieu?

  • 22: 他们甚至拆解了的尸体里混合了面粉和牛奶来吸引秃鹫,以确保尸体的每一点都能永久地离开地球。

    The disassembled corpses are even mixed with flour and milk for a tastier treat, to make sure every bit leaves the Earth for good.

  • 23: 1990年,维索茨基被任命为正在建造中的“瓦良格”号航母的指挥官,不过,该舰的建造后来暂停,并最终被拆解成金属零件出售给中国。

    In 1990, he was appointed crew CO of the aircraft carrier Varyag under construction, however, the construction was suspended and the ship was sold to China to be disassembled into metal parts.

  • 24: 四圣谛正在此处显其价值,即作为拆解任何假设的工具,方法是:探测伴随这些假设的张力。

    And here is where the four noble truths prove their worth, as tools for dismantling any assumption by detecting the stress that accompanies it.

  • 25: 订户同意不会将网站或其任何部份下载、复制、修改、改编、合并、翻译、倒序制造或拆解

    Subscriber agrees not to download, copy, modify, adapt, merge, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble the whole or any part of the Site.

  • 26: 即使完全实施,这种部分拆解“老年医保”的方案减少地赤字数额仅为对非常富有人士征税能够达到的数额的三分之一。

    And even when fully phased in, this partial dismantling of Medicare would reduce the deficit only about a third as much as could be achieved with higher taxes on the very rich.

  • 27: 计划,在这一背景下,更好像帐篷而不是城堡,每当最初的目的被转向更迷人的方向时,可以很轻易地拆解重组。

    The plan, in these contexts, is more like a tent than a castle, expected to be disassembled without much fuss and bother, whenever the activity shifts the original purpose to a more alluring one.

  • 28: 这些国家穷人,通常是孩子,负责拆解废旧电脑和电话,分拣含有有毒贵金属的零件。

    There the poor, often including children, dismantle dumped PCs and phones, stripping the components for the valuable — and toxic — metals contained inside.

  • 29: 拆解那些不算“部署”的多余弹头有助于裁军,但需进行更多俄罗斯不愿接受的实地检查。

    Dismantling extra warheads not counted as “deployed” would help disarmament but require more intrusive inspections than the Russians like.

  • 30: 为存放方便而必须拆解旅客的轮椅、移动辅助装置、或其它辅助装置有哪些其它要求?。

    What other requirements apply when passengers" wheelchairs, other mobility aids, and other assistive devices must be disassembled for stowage?

  • 31: 理解性教学凭籍其强大的拆解力向“教学认识论”发出挑战。

    Understanding teaching relying on its dismantling power challenges the teaching epistemology.

  • 32: 符合国家产业发展规划,市场前景好的铜深加工项目,特别是铜合金板帯、铜箔、高速导线、水暖管件、铜拆解等高附加值的铜加工项目。

    Copper deep-processing projects, esp. projects with high added-value such as copper alloy sheets and planks, copper foils, high-speed cables, plumbing fittings, copper dismantling parts, etc.

  • 33: 其中,拆解固体废物资源化利用的行业正在逐步发展。

    There into dismantling of solid wastes reclamation industry is growing up in recent times.

  • 34: 拆解工作在周二进行后,炸弹的铀芯将被临时存放在德克萨斯州阿马里洛附近的潘特克斯工厂。

    After disassembly, the uranium pits from the bomb will be temporarily stored at the Pantex plant near Amarillo, Texas, where Tuesday"s dismantling was carried out.

  • 35: 目前,废旧炮弹拆解主要是在半人工、半自动化状态下完成的,自动化程度低。

    At present, dismantling of the waste shells is half conducted by hands and half by mechanization, the automatization is in a low level.

  • 36: 拆解当下主流话语对边缘话语的无由傲慢,从而还原边缘话语应有的人文地位。

    Finally, we could give the culture status back to the marginal discourse, by dismantling the arrogance of the mainstream discourse to the marginal discourse.

  • 37: 为了生存,留下的人一点点把剩下的东西拆解然后卖掉。

    To survive, those who stayed behind gradually dismantled and sold off what was left, piece by piece.

  • 38: 联合国环境规划署说,这四个国家将从建立的用于预处理技术如收购拆解电子垃圾存放处获益。

    All four would benefit from capacity building in so-called pre-processing technologies such as manual dismantling of e-waste, UNEP said.

  • 39: 中国买了航母,拆解它,复制它然后卖给印度还有像巴基斯坦这样的国家。

    China is buying aircraft careers to dismantle it, duplicate it and sell to India and other countries like Pakistan.

  • 40: 他说,有两种办法可以实现这种融合:一种就是将细胞拆解,另一种就是细胞组合。

    There were two ways to go about it, he figured—either disassemble cells or build them.

  • 41: 可拆解避难硐室可根据各煤矿不通结构单独设计而成,分为30-100人各种不同型号。

    Refuge chamber can be disassembled according to mine barrier structure can be individually designed, divided into various different types of 30-100 people.

  • 42: 订户同意不会将网站或其任何部分下载、制、 改、编、并、译、序制造或拆解

    Subscriber agrees not to download, copy, modify, adapt , merge, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble the whole or any part of the Site.

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