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infrared, IrDA, IR, PIR




  • 红外分光光度计
  • 傅里叶红外光谱仪
  • 高频红外碳硫分析仪
  • 红外夜视摄像机
  • 红外防盗报警器
  • 红外线感应开关
  • 远红外线光波房
  • 红外线报警器价格
  • 红外网络摄像机
  • 红外线和紫外线
  • 红外测距传感器
  • 支持红外遥控的手机
  • 手持红外测温仪
  • 带红外遥控的手机
  • 红外热成像技术
  • 红外光谱分析仪
  • 近红外光谱分析
  • 红外线人体感应灯
  • 红外线理疗灯的作用
  • 热红外人体感应器


  • 1: 恒星在这一阶段只有红外辐射。

    At this stage the star radiates only in the infrared .

  • 2: 加尔文说,直到现在才终于有人用红外仪器观测到它的所在位置。

    No one had looked at its location with an infrared instrument until now, Clavin said.

  • 3: 通过红外无线连接将信息从一个设备转移到另一个设备。

    To transfer information from one device to another through an infrared wireless connection.

  • 4: 模型和卫星传感器都使用红外能量来进行云的估算。

    Both the model and the satellite sensor use infrared energy to measure clouds.

  • 5: 在热红外技术应用中概述了方法和优点等。

    The method and advantages were summarized in heat infrared technology application.

  • 6: 物体在不同的波段所成的红外图像有不同的特征。

    The infrared images of an object in different wave band have different characteristics.

  • 7: 报导了我们研制的红外-微波双共振实验装置。

    The paper reports an experiment set of Infrared-Microwave Double Resonance.

  • 8: 船上所有四个红外探测器被用来获得这一图片。

    All four infrared detectors aboard WISE were used to make this image.

  • 9: 针尖样品的距离控制系统是扫描近场红外显微镜的重要组成部分。

    Tip sample distance control system is the key part of scanning near field infrared microscopy.

  • 10: 介绍采用红外遥控技术设计的一种智能阀门控制器遥控装置;

    A remote control device of intelligent valve controller was designed by infrared remote control technology.

  • 11: 在地球的大气层以内,只能对射电波、近红外波和可见光波进行研究。

    Only radio, near-infrared, and visible light waves can be studied within the earth"s atmosphere.

  • 12: 介绍了红外通信技术在智能仪表中的应用。

    The application of infrared communication technology in intelligent instrument.

  • 13: 本文首先介绍了红外通信的基本原理;

    This paper introduces the basic principle of infrared communication at first.

  • 14: 红外辐射在大气中的传输是重要的地球物理过程。

    Radiative transfer of infrared radiation through the atmosphere is an important geophysical process .

  • 15: 红外动态图像生成技术的基本概念包括基本术语及其定义。

    Basic concepts of the dynamic IR scene generation include term and its definition.

  • 16: 红外小目标检测技术由于其重要的军事意义成为研究热点。

    Infrared small target detection is a research hot point for its military significance.

  • 17: 目前已有普通日光型,近红外型片种问世。

    Now normal daylight and near infrared type films are available.

  • 18: 并通过红外光谱的研究阐述了CWPE结构与性能的关系。

    The structure of CWPE and its relation to the property were studied by IR.

  • 19: 本文对国内外红外分光光度计的发展作了综述。

    This article presents a general review of the development of infrared spectrophotometers.

  • 20: 提出了一种新的红外图像序列中快速运动小目标时域模型。

    A new model for fast small target in IR image sequence was put foreword.

  • 21: 叙述红外应力图分析技术的基础理论、试验方法;

    The basic theory and experimental method of infrared stress pattern analysis are described.

  • 22: 介绍了一种智能红外数据通讯系统。

    An intelligent infrared data communication system is introduced.

  • 23: 红外安全光幕是一种区域防护技术。

    Infrared light curtain is applied to area security.

  • 24: 本文主要研究了向量小波在红外小目标检测方面的应用。

    In this paper, the application of multiwavelet analysis in small infrared target detection is studied.

  • 25: 采用互相关分析,研究近红外光谱的模型传递问题。

    Model transfer was studied by cross-correlation in near infrared spectrum.

  • 26: 飞机的红外辐射特征研究在军事上有重要意义。

    The study on the IR radiation of aeroplane is important for military affairs.

  • 27: 方法:所得样品经元素分析、红外光谱证实其结构;

    The sample"s structure was confirmed by element analysis and infrared spectra.

  • 28: 上面图片中你可以看到一个典型的方框图这样一个红外接收器。

    In the picture above you can see a typical block diagram of such an IR receiver.

  • 29: 在红外图像中微弱小目标的检测一直是研究的重点和难点。

    Detection of dim target in infrared image is the emphasis and difficulty of target detection.

  • 30: 在保证必要的红外目标辐射特性和运动特性建模精度基础上,采用这种方法可以满足导弹制导算法的研制和调试需要。

    Based on the necessary modeling accuracy for radiating characteristics and movement characteristics of infrared targets, it can meet the design and debug demand for the guidance algorithm of missile.

  • 31: 它有四个红外发光二极管,帮助灯捕获的图像在黑暗中摸索。

    It has four infrared LEDs that help light up images captured in the dark.

  • 32: 使用我的串行、并行或红外端口连接。

    Connect using my serial, parallel, or infrared port.

  • 33: 迪奈蒂说:“这是个令人兴奋的结果,这是行星上发现的第一个近红外光谱。

    "This is an exciting result, " says Tinetti. "This is the first near-infrared spectrum of a planet.

  • 34: 我们的滤镜是为水星的成分设计的,不过我们有两个近红外滤镜,我想或许可以透过云层看到金星表面。

    Our filters are designed for the composition of Mercury, but we have two near-infrared filters that we think may get through the clouds to see the surface.

  • 35: 移除红外板,连同传感器连接到主板。它应该只需要滑出来了(不会翻译)

    Remove the IR board, along with the sensor attached to the motherboard. It should just slide out.

  • 36: 他发现的电磁特性最终导致电视、广播、微波炉的发明,并且也对无线电和红外望远镜的发明起到了重要作用。

    His discovery of the electromagnetic spectrum led to the development of television, radio, microwaves, as well as aiding in the development of radio and infrared telescopes.

  • 37: 虚拟激光键盘的力量,充分利用激光和红外技术和项目,一个全尺寸键盘到任何平面上。

    The Virtual Laser Keyboard leverages the power of laser and infrared technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.

  • 38: 文章对冰片在近红外区域的光谱特性进行了实验研究。

    The spectral characteristics of borneol in near infrared region were investigated in this paper.

  • 39: 你将得到香芹酮和柠檬烯馏份的红外光谱图。并且要解析其结果。

    You will obtain infrared spectra of the carvone and limonene fractions and interpret the results.

  • 40: 在中长波红外区域,通常使用的镀膜材料都存在相当大的色散和一定的吸收。

    The common evaporation coating materials have great dispersion and certain absorption in middle and long wave infrared region.

  • 41: 进一步介绍了近红外光谱技术在柴油、汽油等油品质量分析中的应用成果。

    Moreover, the article introduced some achievements in application in gasoline, diesel oil quality analysis with near infrared spectroscopy.

  • 42: 利用原位红外光谱技术记录了乙醇吸附在气相二氧化硅表面的变化过程。

    In this paper, the adsorpting process of ethanol on fumed silica surface was recorded by infrared spectra technology.

  • 43: 针对红外图像的特点,提出了一种综合应用边缘检测和区域生长方法的图像分割方法。

    An image segmentation method based on edge detection and region growing is proposed in view of the features of IR image.

  • 44: 它起因这些气体分子的振动和释放的红外辐射,甚至更长的波长。

    It causes these gaseous molecules to vibrate and release infrared radiation with even longer wavelengths.

  • 45: 研究人员们使用仅仅超出可见光谱红端的近红外辐射测试他们的新“黑材料”。

    The researchers tested their new black material with near-infrared radiation, just beyond the red end of the visible spectrum.

  • 46: 使用串口,并口或红外端口连接到其它计算机。

    Connect to another computer using your serial, parallel, or infrared port.

  • 47: 红外图像的边缘检测是图像处理领域的难题之一。

    Infrared image edge detection is one of the difficult problems in image processing.

  • 48: 红外发射程序的关键是定时时间到时调用中断程序来产生载波信号,对按键信号和载波信号进行调制。

    The key of the infrared sending program was calling the interrupt subroutine to produce the carrier wave and modulate it with the key signal.

  • 49: 提出一种利用图像流分析法对红外序列图像中的运动小目标进行检测的算法。

    An algorithm of small moving target detection in infrared image sequences is presented based on image flow analysis method.

  • 50: 振动、红外和声音传感器及其信号的处理。

    Vibration sensors, infrared sensors, sound sensors and corresponding signal processing.

  • 51: 疵点的出现严重地影响了红外摄像器件的成像质量。

    The imaging quality of infrared imaging devices is severely effected by the defects.

  • 52: 对土木工程结构的红外热成像检测技术的若干关键技术进行分析和研究,可以促进该技术的应用与发展。

    In addition, the analysis and research on some key techniques of the IR thermography to the structure of civil engineering can promote its application and development.

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