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  • 1: 我去了警局,像个守法的美国人一样。

    I went to the police, like a good American.

  • 2: 你有没有被逮捕过与警局有过纠葛?

    Have you ever been arrested or been in trouble with police?

  • 3: 我在警局采访戴维斯时,其实一开始就是盯着他的眼睛。

    I first really looked into them when I was interviewing him at a police station.

  • 4: 这个例子中,我们创建一个简单的警局网站,发布与犯罪有关的信息。

    In our sample scenario, we build a simple police Web site to publish crime-related information.

  • 5: 骚乱者还向警局发射烟火。

    Rioters also aimed fireworks at police.

  • 6: 这个人是某军队和某警局的永久荣誉长官。

    This person is a permanent army and a police honor Executive.

  • 7: 然后,午餐之后,我接到一个从警局打来的电话。

    Right after lunch, however, I got a call from the police department.

  • 8: 她的这一年从“拜访”警局、住院和精神失常开始。

    Her year began with a police visit, hospital stay, and psych evaluation.

  • 9: 马塞诸塞州警局有着长久的优良传统。

    Massachusetts State Police has a long tradition of excellence.

  • 10: 我是斯坦福德警局的斯通侦探。

    I"m Detective Stone of the Stamford Police.

  • 11: 这将意味着更多候审犯人会被拘押在警局拘留室。

    This will mean more remand prisoners being held in police cells.

  • 12: 你可以为警局工作。

    You can work for the police.

  • 13: 在妻子去警局报案前,多年来他一直虐待她。

    He abused his wife for many years before she went to the police.

  • 14: 另一个盲点是由警局的地方结构造成的。

    A second blind spot is caused by the localised structure of the police.

  • 15: 而夫妇的尸体是在星期天被发现的,泰晤士河警局说到。

    The couple"s bodies were discovered on Sunday, Thames Valley police said.

  • 16: 达马图鲁的警局总部、联合工作小组办公室和五座教堂在爆炸中被毁。

    Explosives in Damaturu destroyed police headquarters, the Joint Task Force office and five churches.

  • 17: 之后,该男子被羁押在警局时晕倒了,被送进了医院。

    He later collapsed while in police custody and was taken to hospital.

  • 18: 加拉赫立刻在警局警犬中心开始了训练金的工作。

    Gallagher immediately began King"s training at the police department"s canine center.

  • 19: 我不太确定。警局把它拖到某个地方了吧。

    I am not sure. The police had it towed away somewhere.

  • 20: 岩出市警局颁发了一张感谢状给和田,感谢他救人一命。

    Iwade police gave a certificate of gratitude to Wada for saving the man"s life.

  • 21: 一些警局让人员步行办公。

    Some police departments put officers on foot.

  • 22: 巴格达文物保护警局总部。

    The headquarters of the antiquities police in Baghdad.

  • 23: 一个巨大的汽车炸弹在警局总部爆炸。

    A massive car bomb blasted the police headquarters.

  • 24: 警察:首先,我们必须在警局备案。然后。

    Police: First, we must file a police report at the police station.

  • 25: 如果不是因为监控录像片段显示了费萨尔被架进了警局,我们可能已经相信了他们所说的,他是‘走’进去的。

    If it had not been for that CCTV footage that showed Faisal carried into the police station, we would have believed them when they said he walked in.

  • 26: 回到警局,侦探们研究着他们在商店发现的线索。甚至一些小细节都可以帮助他们找到此案的一个解决方案或答案。

    Back at the police station, the detectives study the clues they found at the store. Even something small can help them find a solution, or answer, to the case.

  • 27: 爱米娅和威尔发生性关系,起初只是因为她想要挟他不要把她的儿子告到警局

    Amira sleeps with Will, initially because she wants to blackmail him into not reporting her son to the police.

  • 28: 警局发言人格斯-维拉努埃瓦表示,“这要取决于警察当时的意见和测试技术”。

    "It depends on the expertise and opinions of the officers at the time," said police spokesman Gus Villanueva..

  • 29: 我一旦收到评估报告和医生出具的伤残报告,以及警局对事故的确认报告,我们会在24小时之内将支票给到你手里。

    Once I have this appraisal and the report from the doctor and the police confirming the facts, we will have a cheque in your hands within 24 hours.

  • 30: 过了阵子,他又清醒了,开始在德国一些主流报纸上做寻找艾达的广告,漫无目的地逛一些城镇,查看当地的电话簿和警局的档案记录。

    After a while he roused again, and began putting advertisements for Ida into the principal newspapers of Germany, and making random visits to towns all about to consult directories and police records.

  • 31: 她说他走进警局,然后就在拘留手续台前瘫倒在地。

    She said he walked into the police station and then he collapsed at the custody desk.

  • 32: 「整件事结束得非常快。他似乎感到大惑不解,而且没有拒捕的机会,」汉堡市警局一名发言人告诉ARD电视台。

    "It all ended very fast. He appeared to be baffled and had no chance of resisting arrest, " a Hamburg police spokesman told ARD television.

  • 33: 戈登也还没有当上警察局长,而要靠双手在已经从上到下彻底烂掉的警局打出自己的天下,同时他本人在道德上也并不完美。

    Gordon has not yet become chief of police, and to rely on his hands already completely rotten from top to bottom the police play their own world, but he does not morally perfect.

  • 34: 他说,从邮件泄露以来,他已经收到了一些个人的威胁,他已经将它们上报给了诺福克警局,他还加了一句这是迄今为止”我职业生涯最糟糕的少数日子”。

    He said that since the leaks, he has received personal threats which have been passed on to Norfolk police, adding it had been "the worst few days of my professional life".

  • 35: 这使马克斯意识到警局内部有对方的人,因此要求联邦调查局的人参与此事。

    This makes Max realized that police have internal each other"s people, so he asked the fbi get involved.

  • 36: 格罗佛的母亲,艾德那格罗佛告诉我她曾去过警局报警想查明他儿子到底发生了什么事,但是却从未收到任何真正的帮助。

    His mother, Edna Glover, told me she"d gone to the department and made a police report, but had never received any real help in uncovering what became of her son.

  • 37: 这只头卡在瓶里的臭鼬游荡到警局的停车场,警员詹姆斯.凯乐特发现了牠。

    The skunk, head in jar, wandered into a police station parking lot. It was spotted by Officer James Kellett.

  • 38: 早些时候,就清理广场工作,那些反对游行的就请求过警察部门的认同,所以警局部长雷蒙德·凯利明确表示支持这一清理工作。

    But Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly made it clear that he was behind the owner, who had apparently sent a letter to police earlier asking for support in clearing the park.

  • 39: 如果有必要,可以向当地警局、咨询中心、受害者康复项目,成瘾康复项目和紧急状况热线求助,这会让这种人远离你。

    If necessary, contact local police, counseling centers, victims programs, addiction programs or emergency hotlines for help. Then keep this kind of person away from you.

  • 40: 但是作为一个在深水涉警局任职的工作人员,如果被发现要对此类案件负责的话,她将会面对从警告到炒鱿鱼的纪律处分。

    But if the officer, who is attached to Sham Shui Po police station, is found to be responsible she may face disciplinary action, which could range from a simple warning to dismissal.

  • 41: 除了火警,救护车和警局的号码之外,还应该贴出你自己的地址,因为在危急时刻很容易忘记。

    Along with the numbers for fire department, ambulance and police, you should also put your own address because it is easy to forget it in a crisis.

  • 42: 受害人的家人非常气愤,因为他们曾被告知,一部能够俯瞰阿尔安尼被带进警局时所处区域的监控摄像头,在他被带入拘留区的时候并没有在录像。

    The family are aggrieved that a CCTV camera overlooking the area where Al-Ani was placed inside the police station was said not to have been recording when he was taken into the custody area.

  • 43: 印尼当地警局的负责人称,碎片很大,有几米长,上面有红色和白色图案,几块碎片分别落到两个地点。

    The head of the local police station there says chunks of debris, several metres long, featuring red and white paint work fell in two locations.

  • 44: 还必须进行验尸以确定死亡的真正原因,但警局督察长狄恩。麦可马斯特说,该名男子的伤口与遭到鳄鱼攻击相符。

    A postmortem examination will be required to determine the exact cause of death, but police Superintendent Dean McMaster said the man had injuries consistent with a crocodile attack.

  • 45: 3月30号,警局对弗兰克富附近的10处建筑进行突击检查时,虽然发现了一个用于重新组装硬币的机器。

    During raids of 10 buildings in and near Frankfurt on March 30, the police seized a machine that they think was used to reassemble coins.

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