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  • 1: 今晚请她和我们一起去看演唱会吗?

    Shall she go to the concert with us this evening ?

  • 2: 为什么我的女儿会想去你的演唱会?。

    Lily: Why is my daughter going to one of your concerts?

  • 3: 不,现在我愧疚了你想去听那场演唱会的?

    No. Now I feel bad. You wanna go to the concert.

  • 4: 他取消他的下一个演唱会,并拒绝继续他的世界巡演。

    He cancels his next concert and refuses to go on his world tour.

  • 5: 我刚刚注册,演唱会顺利,今晚能睡好。不要再失眠了。加油啊。

    I just registered, concert goes well, sleep well tonight. Do not sleep. Refueling ah.

  • 6: 这些就是我在我演唱会里所想要的一切。

    It was everything I want in my concert.

  • 7: 这个在航机编号「666」的客机举行的演唱会结局会如何?

    This in aircraft Numbers "666" of the airliner concert, how would end?

  • 8: 每场演唱会,他们至多表演半个小时。

    They play for no more than half an hour per concert.

  • 9: 这位著名的歌手希望能在他的家乡开演唱会

    The famous singer hopes to give a concert in his hometown.

  • 10: 如果一个演唱会,能够带给他快乐和一些美好的回忆。

    If a concert can bring happiness and some good memories to him.

  • 11: 我邀她去看我的演唱会并且把她介绍给我的小儿子。

    I invited her to my concert and introduced her to my young son.

  • 12: 你是怎么样买到演唱会门票的?我以为都已经卖光了。

    How did you get concert tickets? I thought they were all sold out.

  • 13: 你认为今晚的演唱会怎么样?

    What do you think of tonight`s concert?

  • 14: 嘿!凯利,你昨天买到演唱会的票了吗?

    Hey, Kelly, did you buy your concert ticket yesterday?

  • 15: 您已购买我们的演唱会的门票。

    You have purchased the concert ticket for our show.

  • 16: 相信我这些说法是不实的,我绝对拒绝在我的演唱会对嘴开唱。

    Believe me it is torture. I always refuse to work out once my concert is over.

  • 17: 问:你们打算什么时候在泰国办一场完整的演唱会

    Question: When are you going to have a full concert in Thailand?

  • 18: 你找到了一张那个演唱会的翻版碟?

    You found a bootleg copy of that concert?

  • 19: 从东京回来以后,这个经历对你们的演唱会有帮助吗?

    Host: So, after coming back from Tokyo, did this experience help with your own concerts?

  • 20: 手头有张演唱会、派对或读书会多余的票?

    Have an extra ticket to a concert, party or book reading?

  • 21: 这份报纸报道说“演唱会的门票是非卖品。

    The paper reports that “tickets for the concert, were not for sale.

  • 22: 有没有世界巡迴的计划?可不可能在亚洲区域举办演唱会

    Any plans for a world tour? Is it possible to have concert in Asia territory?

  • 23: 这是我们演唱会之后庆功宴在一起的照片。

    This is a bunch of us at the celebration dinner after the concert.

  • 24: 您也可以指定一个搜索半径为寻找演唱会在其他城市近你的。

    You can also specify a search radius for finding concerts in other cities near yours.

  • 25: 今年在马来西亚的演唱会, 力宏不仅表演了钢琴还在钢琴上大秀舞姿。

    In his Malaysian Concert this year, he not only played the piano but also danced on top of it.

  • 26: 每次当我们一起为歌曲或者演唱会工作的时候,我都会被她的热情所感染。

    Each time we work on a song or concert together, I would always be very touched by her passion.

  • 27: 有一天、我一定会去看你的演唱会、用流利的英语告诉你我有多爱你。

    One day, I will go to see your concert, with fluent English, tell you how much I love you.

  • 28: 全世界的观众目睹了原始的排练过程,那原本该是史无前例的壮观演唱会

    Audiences around the world witnessed the raw rehearsals of what would have been an unprecedented concert spectacle.

  • 29: 每当我看着我的观众在马斯特里赫特的演唱会我觉得每个人都在爱中!

    Whenever I look at my audience during the Maastricht concert I get the feeling that everybody is in love!

  • 30: 你看我那么投入的神情,你猜得到为什么这演唱会那么叫我难忘吗?

    Look at how engrossed I am, can you guess why this concert is so unforgettable to me?

  • 31: 并且,自从同样也与演唱会的发起者谈过之后,我想我们应该这么做。

    Also, since talk about this came from the concert promoter as well, I thought we should go for it.

  • 32: 吉他手或鼓手,选择你的路径:从纽约到东京的火上,最著名的演唱会舞台与你的乐队。

    Guitarist or drummer, choose your path: travel from NY to Tokyo and fire up the most famous concert stages with your band.

  • 33: 另外,我们也会与这些年轻人做些其它有趣的事情,例如玩游戏、旅行、听演唱会、看电影等。

    We also play games, travel, and go to concerts and movies with the young adults for some extra fun.

  • 34: 我们可以庆幸的是,在演唱会中或录制好的媒体上,马莉娜。史莫斯和哈利路亚合唱团将透过音乐的魔力,以他们真心的传统歌唱感动我们所有的听众。

    We can be thankful that in concert or on recorded media, Marlena Smalls and the Hallelujah Singers will touch all of us listeners with their heartfelt oral tradition through the magic of music.

  • 35: 这是那些被认为是行业和媒体的精英们投的票,而那些人一生都没买过一张专辑或是一张演唱会的票,所以他们的投票跟我毫无关系。

    It"s voted on by the supposed elite for the industry and the media, who"ve never bought an album or concert ticket in their lives, so their vote is irrelevant to me.

  • 36: 那一刻,就在演唱会才进行了一半的时候,担忧爬上了我的心头,我害怕着因为这样的坏天气,大家都会提早离开。

    And at this point in the show, about halfway through our set, this fear came over me that everyone was going to leave the concert.

  • 37: 最近迈克尔布雷和克利夫理查兹有在演唱会唱它。

    More recently "Michael Buble" and "Cliff Richards" have sang it in concerts.

  • 38: 我最近举办的演唱会已被描述为有争议的是,我在这方面的努力。

    My recent concerts which have been described as controversial are examples of my efforts in this direction.

  • 39: 演唱会结束之后,每个人都又推又挤地要离开体育馆。

    Everyone was pushing and shoving their way out of the auditorium after the concert.

  • 40: 独立音乐也出产很多演唱会,这样白人就能够参加之并且遇到其他的白人。

    Indie music also produces a lot of concerts, for which white people can attend and meet other white people.

  • 41: 对她在舞台上假唱的指责是在她去年的一次巡回演唱会开始的。

    She was criticized for lip-synching since one of her tour vocal concerts last year.

  • 42: 作为对一场从未呈现的复出演唱会的记录,《就是这样》不可避免地有欠缺。

    As a record of the comeback concerts that never were, This Is It is inevitably lacking.

  • 43: 会员还可以将文件和评论上传至任一艺人、演唱会、场馆和节日页面。

    Members can also upload their files and notes to any artist, concert, venue or festival page.

  • 44: 歌迷们曾在演唱会中听到过这首歌,但这有一些很棒的让我引以为豪的改变,使我迫不及待地想让歌迷听到这首歌。

    The fans have heard it before in concert, but there have been some really cool changes that I am very proud of and can"t wait for them to hear.

  • 45: 如果你喜欢了一位偶像,请你一定要去看一场他的演唱会,亲自去,要亲眼看看他,好好看看他。

    If you like an idol, please be certain to go to watch a scene of his vocal concert personally. See for youself to have a good look at him.

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