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  • 推理 教师被杀案
  • 徐州女童被杀案
  • 金正男被杀案女嫌
  • 大姚法官被杀案
  • 卫岗小学教师被杀案
  • 黑人青年被杀案
  • 南雄学生被杀案
  • 血色湘西女主角被杀案
  • 马朝晖被杀案李慧照片
  • 97年刘友忠被杀案
  • 金正男被杀案始末
  • 扬州白糍粑被杀案
  • 河北保定博野镇姐妹被杀案
  • 佛山大沥马某被杀案
  • 深圳观澜学生被杀案
  • 江苏新沂少女被杀案
  • 汪茜茜被杀案央视网
  • 伍佑陈三被杀案
  • 师以标家人被杀案
  • 陕西宝鸡女教师被杀案


  • 1: 昨天在得克萨斯州发生一起越狱案,两名卫兵和两名囚犯被杀逝世。

    Two bouncers and two bedfellows were dead in a prison break in Texas, bygone.

  • 2: 一起突发的州议员夫人被杀案,更是打乱了上层圈子的生活。

    A state lawmaker lady with the murder, but also upset the upper circles of life.

  • 3: 当男尸旁的遗嘱被发现时, 人们便怀疑这是一桩杀父案。

    When a will was discovered near the man"s dead body, patricide was suspected.

  • 4: 一起爆发的州议员太太被杀案,更是打乱了带领圈子的保存。

    State legislators broke out together the murder, but also upset the leadership circle survival.

  • 5: 美国警方近日正在对耶鲁研究生安妮·黎被杀案对实验室技术员展开调查。

    US police are investigating a laboratory technician over the murder of the Yale University graduate student Annie Le, whose body was found inside a wall on Sunday.

  • 6: 本周随着伊普斯维奇五名妓女被杀案两名嫌疑人的落网,参与此案调查的众多警察兄弟们快能睡个安稳觉了。

    The arrests this week of two men in connection with the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich may bring a little closer the prospect of sleep for many of the officers involved in the investigation.

  • 7: 乌克兰一名高级检察官称他的办公室得到证据,表明前总统列昂尼德·库奇马与一著名调查记者被杀案有关。

    A senior prosecutor in Ukraine says his office has evidence that the former President Leonid Kuchma was involved in the killing of a prominent investigative journalist.

  • 8: 辛普森曾在1995年杀妻案中被判无罪,是20世纪最轰动、最有争议的案件之一。

    Sentencing has been set for December 5. Simpson was cleared in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife in one of the most sensational and controversial trials of the 20th century.

  • 9: 佛罗里达马匹屠杀案中有17匹马被杀了食用,针对该案件的奖金已经高达8000美元。

    The reward in the Florida horse butchery case, in which 17 horses have been killed for their meat, has risen to $US8000.

  • 10: 轰动全国的杀女案嫌疑人凯西被判无罪。我想大概是因为辛普森案的陪审团退休后搬去佛罗里达了。

    "I think the jury from the O. J. Simpson trial retired and moved to Florida. " –Jay Leno.

  • 11: 明天独立警务投诉委员会会披露在Tottenham射杀MarkDuggan一案中的新细节,Duggan被杀引起了第一夜的骚乱。

    Tomorrow the Independent Police Complaints Commission will reveal new details of the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, which led to the first night of riots.

  • 12: 当年主审“辛普森杀妻案”的法官在辛普森被宣告无罪后说“全世界都看到了辛普森的罪行,但法律没有看到”就是这个意思。

    In those days advocate careful " case of Xin Pusen uxoricide " the judge is in Xinpusen by say after acquittal " the crime that the whole world saw Xinpusen, but law did not see " it is this meaning.

  • 13: 昨天在得克萨斯州产生一起越狱案,两名卫兵和两名囚犯被杀逝世。

    Two bouncers and two bedfellows were dead in a prison breach in Texas, dre beats, bygone.

  • 14: 他们来到这里对一起杀婴案进行表决——一名女仆被起诉在她雇主的厨房里杀死自己刚出生的孩子。

    They have come to pronounce on a case of suspected infanticide, a servant girl accused of killing her newborn baby in the kitchen of her employers" house.

  • 15: 由却尔登希斯顿主演的「世纪谍杀案」更将未来描绘成一个人类会被当木材堆放、被喂以豆腐状饲料的世界。

    The film Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston, dramatized a future in which people would be stacked like cordwood and fed little squares that looked like tofu but weren"t.

  • 16: 2009发生在索马里的一起针对一架美国直升机的袭击案中,肯尼亚人萨利赫•阿里•纳班被杀身亡。

    In 2009 Saleh Ali Nabhan, a Kenyan, was killed in Somalia in an American helicopter attack.

  • 17: 一名囚犯提供线索,为悬而未决的杀警案重开序幕。案件发生于1968年, 警员在巡逻时候被杀。

    After a dying convict gives Rush clues to an unsolved cop killing, she reopens the case.

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