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  • 1: 她的哥哥在结婚典礼进行时突然出现。

    Her brother showed up at the wedding out of the blue.

  • 2: 在比赛仍在进行时,不能对比赛形势表达不满。 。

    Do not complain about playing conditions whilst a match is in progress.

  • 3: 在其它任何情况下,反应进行时所生成的醇,不能。

    In any other case alcohol formed as the reaction proceeds cannot be oxidized.

  • 4: 只有对其进行时程分析,才能对其安全度进行全面评估;

    Unless analyze time history, it could go on the overall assessment of safety.

  • 5: 就工程进行时,你知否法团或物业管理公司如何运用资金?。

    Do you know the OC or management company how to use the fund?

  • 6: 当那场激烈的小战斗进行时,我根本没有时间思索,也不知当时是不是害怕。

    While the brush lasted, I had not the time to think if I was frightened.

  • 7: 如果一个物体在运动,就可以说它有了动能。(进行时

    An object is said to possess kinetic energy if it if moving.

  • 8: 现在进行时表示现在正在进行的动作。

    Present the structure of present progressive tense.

  • 9: 在我的工作无法进行时,这真是一项很好的娱乐。

    It was a nice diversion from the dearth of work I had to do.

  • 10: 反战游行示威进行时没有出事。

    The anti-war demonstration proceeded without incident.

  • 11: 当第一个改动是在只读模式下进行时不显示警告。

    Do not display a warning when the first change is made in read-only mode.

  • 12: 被称为标距长度的这段长度延伸问题将在测试进行时研究。

    The extension of a length called the gauge length is studied during the test.

  • 13: 学习用现在进行时描述一些活动。

    Learn to describe activities using the present continuous tense.

  • 14: 是进行时的被动语态。

    They have been being waited.

  • 15: 事情正顺利进行时,突然我们遇到了意外的耽搁。

    Things were working well when we were brought up against unexpected delays.

  • 16: 示威进行时并未发生任何暴力事件。

    The demonstrations went ahead without any violent incidents.

  • 17: 这里用现在完成进行时

    He has been waiting here for two hours.

  • 18: 当讨论还在进行时,乔治走了进来。 。

    While the discussion was still going on, George came in.

  • 19: 我们用现在进行时表示计划要发生的事。

    We use the present continuous for future plans.

  • 20: 事情一般都会顺利进行,就是不能顺利进行时,我也能处理好。

    Things usually to just fine, and when they don’t, I can handle it.

  • 21: 本句为现在进行时的被动语态。

    This is an example of passive voice in present progressive.

  • 22: “此时此刻”,句中的谓语动词应该用现在进行时。例如。

    The number is engaged at this moment. Try again in five minutes.

  • 23: 完成这些句子们用一个适当的进行时形式。

    Complete the sentences with an appropriate continuous form.

  • 24: 以竞赛的形式用过去进行时描述汤姆在不同时间所做的事。

    Show a series of pictures of Tom"s activities at different times yesterday quickly.

  • 25: 在比赛仍在进行时,不能随意对对手的运气进行评论。 。

    Do not volunteer remarks about an opponent"s luck whilst a match is in progress.

  • 26: 在ISO9000认证审核进行时的陪同人员应具备哪些条件?

    In the ISO9000 certification of accompanying persons should have what conditions?

  • 27: 如果我们学会如何适当地应对,即使在愤怒进行时,我们也可以平静下来。

    Even in the midst of anger we can be peaceful, if we learn how to handle it properly.

  • 28: 我们应该思考自己如何投入到这一中国现代文学史的“现在进行时”中去。

    We should think of how to put into "present progressive tense" of this Modern Chinese Literature history ourselves.

  • 29: 这是一段幽默的卡通片,片中的卡通人物是小朋友们熟悉的怪物史莱克,他提醒现场的小朋友在晚会进行时的一些注意事项。

    This is a humorous cartoons, the film is a cartoon character Shrek the children are familiar with, he reminded the scene at the party for the children to some of the considerations.

  • 30: 它是突然地在我的几个营幕中的一个,在进行时我有几个去观察多种的穿梭机行动。

    It suddenly was on one of my several monitors. I had several to observe various shuttle operations while in progress.

  • 31: 后果就是一次质量事故的发生,或者在下一道工序进行时降低设备的生产效率。

    The result is a deterioration in quality or a reduction in production capacity for the subsequent processing equipment.

  • 32: 这在很大程度上是一个在政治方面,并明确问题将更加迅速地进行时,负责人是全体人民的良好的工作重点。

    This is very much a priority where politics are concerned, and clearly matters will proceed more quickly when those in charge are working for the good of all people.

  • 33: 假如拆除工作在靠近交通干线和行人很多的地方进行时,常规方法往往是有危险的。

    Conventional methods often imply risks when demolition work is being carried out close to traffic arteries and places used by many pedestrians.

  • 34: 当一副牌局任何判罚后都不能正常继续进行时(参见本条C2),裁判将判人为调整分。

    The Director awards an artificial adjusted score if no rectification can be made that will permit normal play of the board (see C2 below).

  • 35: 昨晚他们一晚上在大声说话和笑。在这一讲里,我们要学习使用过去进行时如何描述在过去正在进行的行为。

    They were up talking and laughing all night last night. In this lecture we will learn how to describe ongoing action in the past using the past progressive tense.

  • 36: 它是明智的进行时要小心迈步向前更高层次的开放。

    It is wise to proceed with caution when moving forward with higher levels of openness.

  • 37: 三个月前,我重60公斤——现在你看我!(不用进行时

    I weighed 60 kilos three months ago and look at me now!

  • 38: 当制度创新是在包括个人、企业和政府的博弈结构中进行时,制度创新才会使制度变迁朝有利于技术创新主体的方向发展。

    The change of institution can be advanced in the direction that is beneficial to technology innovation only when it is on in the game structure including individuals, enterprises and government.

  • 39: 当一次糟糕的面试尴尬地进行时,不要等面试者来问你有没有问题要问。

    As your bad interview lumbers on, dont wait until your interviewer asks you if you have any questions.

  • 40: 官员们现在非常认真地考虑女王及其职员将被迫迁出的事情,有可能一次性全部迁出,有可能在翻修工程进行时还继续住在这里。

    Officials are now seriously exploring the possibility that the Queen and her staff will be forced tomove out, either all at once, or in stages with the work being done around them.

  • 41: 事实就是,他没有来到这里,我猜是因为两家俱乐部的谈判进行时。如果他明天踢了比赛,那可能会影响到转会。

    The fact he"s not here is, I guess, because the negotiations are on going between the clubs. If he played here tomorrow it might prejudice the transfer.

  • 42: 所有这一切都是实时进行的,对客户端应用程序的唯一影响是,当此进程进行时,某些事务可能会回滚。

    All this happens in real time and the only effect on client applications is that some transactions might be rolled back while this is going on.

  • 43: 当你已经毕业了,你就不能再用现在进行时了,应该用过去时来表达。

    If you have graduated, then you have to say, "I majored in English, " using past tense.

  • 44: 借助板书让学生自己总结现在进行时的正确用法。

    Let the Ss to summarize what they have learnt in this lesson.

  • 45: 当一次蹩脚的面试尴尬地进行时,不要等面试者来问你有没有问题要问。

    As your bad interview lumbers on, don"t wait until your interviewer asks you if you have any questions.

  • 46: 当你的训练进行到在一片有干扰的地方进行时,你可以返回使用最高等级的零食,因为干扰会被另一个抵消掉。

    Then when you move your training into an area where there are a lot of distractions you can go back to the highest value treat because the distractions will offset one another.

  • 47: 只有你的在现在进行时中怎样使用疑问句的相关知识能够拯救你。

    BEAR GLARE! And only your knowledge of how to make question in the Present Progressive tense can save you.

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