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  • 1: 它是用来提醒双方谈话录音。

    It is used to remind both parties of recording conversation.

  • 2: 我们甚至还添加了谈话提醒。

    We have even added talking reminders.

  • 3: 第四十三条中国证监会对证券公司高级管理人员实行谈话提醒制度。

    Article43 CSRC shall implement a conversation reminder system for the senior management personnel of securities companies.

  • 4: 我时常想到那位老太太告诉我的那些事然后我又提醒自己谈话的时候要停下来、坐在那里然后多听别人的言论。

    I often thought of what that woman taught me, and I reminded myself of the importance of stopping, sitting down and truly listening.

  • 5: 提醒自己,谈话的目的不只是言语交换,而是真正理解对方的意思,并且也要被对方理解。

    Remind yourself that the goal of conversation is not merely to trade words, but to truly understand what the other party is saying and to be understood in turn.

  • 6: 我们的谈话,提醒我说,我们争取我们的自由和世界各地的安全。

    Our conversation reminded me that we fight for our freedom and security all over the world.

  • 7: 强烈的自信心——或者叫自大——应该被提醒注意,即使谈话者们对此报以热情,也不应被视为该受到鼓励的事。

    The supremely confident – or arrogant – should be warned that, even if their interlocutor reciprocates, this may not necessarily be a "come on".

  • 8: 有时候类似这种情况,提醒你自己和你的谈话对象现在谈论此事为时尚早是很重要的。

    At times like these, it’s important to remind yourself and your conversation partner that it’s too early to discuss the issue.

  • 9: 圣路易市的华盛顿大学的凯伦.拉汶.科本也提醒父母应该分析手机谈话内容。

    Parents should analyze the content of calls, said Karen Levin Coburn of Washington University in St. Louis.

  • 10: 人家完全知道你想要说什么,而且急着将谈话继续下去,就会提醒你或者说出这个恰当的词。

    The listener, perfectly aware of what you want to say and impatient for you to get on with the conversation, will prompt you or provide you with a usable word.

  • 11: 人家完全知道你想要说什么,而且急着将谈话继续下去,就会提醒你或者说出这个恰当词。

    The listener, perfectly aware of what you want to say and impatient for you to get on with the conversation, will prompt you or provide you with a usable word.

  • 12: 在内心我提醒自己记住,我在美国遇到和与之谈话的流亡者想必都会有吸引人的内心世界。

    I made a mental note to myself to remember that emigres (from any country) I meet and talk with in the USA may have intriguing insights.

  • 13: 谈话必须做到“六重六忌” ,即:重提醒忌臆测;

    While talking, the teacher must do the following:reminding instead of doubting; being relative instead of being absolute;

  • 14: 需要提醒的一点是,如果是合资集团间关于提高效率以及造福消费者的谈话就可能免于监管机构的怀疑。

    "One caveat is that there could be an objective justification [for the talks] such as some form of joint venture that results in efficiencies and consumer benefits, " he said.

  • 15: 如果他们出言不逊,你可以提醒他们注意礼貌,用文明的方式来讨论问题。否则,你只有让主管介入到你们的谈话中。

    If the parent starts going down that road, remind them politely that you are happy to discuss the problem in a civil fashion, otherwise you will have to postpone until a supervisor can join you.

  • 16: 我提醒他们这样做 ,当他们开始了他们的前对美妙的,异乎寻常,昂贵的,长长的假期 ,他们计划行程的谈话。

    I remind them to do that when they start up with their pre-trip conversations about the wonderful, exotic, expensive, longish vacations they are planning.

  • 17: 重新浏览一遍你的保险单,或者与你的保险经纪谈话,这些都能提醒你保险上的任何缺漏。

    A review of your policy and a chat with your insurance agent should alert you to any gaps.

  • 18: 撒切尔在谈话中偶尔需要提醒,然而我们也都是如此”他说。

    In conversation Thatcher may need a bit of occasional reminding, but then so do we all, " he said.

  • 19: 当我告诉你,我爱你时,我不要这样的习惯,或使谈话。我说它提醒你你是我碰过的最好的事。

    When I tell you I love you, I don"t say it out of habit, or to make conversation.

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