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v.: 看;观看;观察;小心
n.: 手表;监视;注意;观察
网络: 注视;看守


  • 看;注视;观看;观察:

    to look at sb/sth for a time, paying attention to what happens

  • (短时间)照看,看护,照管:

    to take care of sb/sth for a short time

  • 小心;当心;留意:

    to be careful about sth

  • 盯着钟表(算计着不超过规定的工作时间,或只盼望下班而无心工作):

    to be careful not to work longer than the required time; to think more about when your work will finish than about the work itself

  • 心急水不开(越心急,时间过得越慢):

    used to say that when you are impatient for sth to happen, time seems to pass very slowly

  • 当心;留神;注意:

    used as a warning to sb to be careful

  • 说话当心;嘴上留个把门的:

    to be careful what you say in order not to offend sb or make them angry

  • 注意时间(以便按时完成或到达):

    to be sure that you know what the time is, so that you finish sth at the correct time, or are not late for sth

  • (用于命令)等待下面发表的消息:

    used in orders, to tell sb to wait for more news about sth to be announced

  • 闲看人来人往;静观众生百态:

    to relax and watch people in a public place

  • 表;手表;(旧时的)怀表:

    a type of small clock that you wear on your wrist, or (in the past) carried in your pocket

  • 注意;注视;监视;观察:

    the act of watching sb/sth carefully in case of possible danger or problems

  • 值班(人);警戒(人);守夜(人):

    a fixed period of time, usually while other people are asleep, during which sb watches for any danger so that they can warn others, for example on a ship; the person or people who do this

  • 小心提防;警戒:

    to be looking carefully for sb/sth that you expect to see, especially in order to avoid possible danger


  • 【航海】(每4小时轮换的)值班(时间);〔集合词〕值班人员,一班

  • 监护

  • 〔古语〕更

  • 守望

  • 表;船钟

  • 钟表

  • 手表

  • 收看

  • 值夜,值班;守夜;看守人;哨兵

  • 看守,监视;注意;警戒

  • 〔古语〕守夜;通夜看护;【宗教】守夜[作通宵祈祷]

  • 守候(机会等)

  • 守候,期待

  • 观赏,欣赏

  • 警戒,守卫,监视

  • 注视;注意,留心观察

  • 望,眼睛直瞪瞪地望,瞧着,眼看着

  • 注视,看着;密切注意

  • 观看,观察,观察到


  • 第三人称单数:watches

  • 现在分词:watching

  • 过去式:watched


  • v.+n.:

    watch TV,watch movie,watch game,watch television,watch video

  • adj.+n.:

    gold watch,digital watch

  • adv.+v.:

    watch carefully,closely watch,helplessly watch


n.guardlookoutsentrysentinelwatchdogv.observelook afterspy onstalkpay attention to




  • Right now I just want to hold your hand, take a walk outside and watch the sunset. Just want to be with you and pamper you.


  • Proud parents had plotted a path. There was no chance sighting by an elderly scout who had gone to watch another kid play.


  • In fact, my roommates and I planed to watch the interesting Bush, but there were few scenes of him.


  • All this time, as if spell were on him, he was motionless and powerless, except to watch her.


  • You won"t be allowed to watch with our fans if that"s what you think.


  • Then there was the installer of soy insulation who cooked soggy pasta and made me watch football and whimpered and kicked in his sleep.


  • In an unfamiliar setting, they watch for cultural cues and adjust their behaviour to mirror that of their hosts.


  • Dick and Jeana had been so busy trying to fly around bad weather and mountains that they had forgotten to watch the oil level.


  • The only way to be able to tell how interested she is in you is to make a move (number close, date request, kiss, etc. ) Watch her reaction.


  • He said China will watch developments while continuing to diversify and strengthen risk management of its foreign-exchange reserves.


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